​​​How I got on the board of directors at Siena

I moved into Siena May 13, 2005. My home was the 31st home purchased of the total of 148 Siena homes most of which had not been built yet.

I've been on the Board of Directors since May 2006.  I was appointed to the board.  It wasn't possible to have an election because there were not 5 homeowners who were on, or wanted to be on, the board in 2005 or 2006 or even later. 

I would like to have your vote.  I hope you will vote for me so I can continue to try to do things to improve Siena.

An HOA is put in place by the developer.  An HOA must have a board of directors by law and again the developer appoints some of their staff, executives, to be on the board.  Even before the first homeowners have purchased their homes there are still things that must be done,  landscaping maintenance, for example. The developer hires and selects a property management company that hires a landscape maintenance company.

I was appointed to the board because i went to the board meetings and expressed a desire to help the community.  I was also appointed to be the Treasurer since there was already a Siena homeowner who was President of the board.  I served as the Treasurer for 1 year.  The fellow, who was the board President, owned and lived at 5084 Bianco Circle. He sold his home and moved to Australia for a job opportunity.  At the next possible board meeting the directors, some of which were Siena owners asked if I wanted to be the President, I agreed and accepted the opportunity.

Here are some of Don's significant accomplishments       The board agreed with Don and the board approved all new rules


Fire inspection 9-24-19 by Trent Herron dated 5-13-20

 Round Up stopped 5-16-19 Letter from Cagwin and Dorward 8-2-19

Examples of documents and forms created by Don Stillman 

​​​40 street light poles with locations at Siena

 2020 Vehicle Info FILL-IN Form for Siena Owners Association revised 2-13-20

 Addendum to Rental or Lease Agreement for Compliance revised 10-19-19

 Siena Site Map with Addresses Landscape - Copy 

 www.Siena-Owners-Association.org/history/Retention Basin


   I also do things on the Parking Committee on a regular basis, as follows: (1) Vehicle Forms need to be sent out and collected from owners/residents when years have gone by with no recent Vehicle Form received.  (2) Parking Permit Stickers must be provided when there has been a change in vehicles registered with the HOA. (3) A Confirmation of Vehicle Registration with the HOA must be provided. (4) Records of registered vehicles must be updated so we know all vehicles that "belong" at Siena. 

 There have been some changes to the Directors when some moved away, One year, 1 person filed a written candadicy form, but also they voluntarily withdrew their candidacy form so no election was necessary.  The board has the right to appoint an owner as a director when a vacancy exists so that there can be the full 5 directors to work on Siena's issues.  The Directiors don't have to wait for an election to fill a vacancy and try to get along with fewer than 5 directors and at those times directors were appointed.  However, 2020 will be the first year Siena will ever have an election for Directors. 

I would like to have your vote.  I hope you will vote for me so I can continue to try to do things to improve Siena.

I have used my website for different purposes in the past.and that why you can see pages for PG&E and Solar.  Now my website will concentrate on what I've done for Siena over the years that I've been on the board of directors.